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After we assigning some responsibilities to a user in Oracle E-Business Suite. Unfortunately when user login to the system, he can’t found the responsibilities that he want in the web navigator. This problem usually happen after upgrading or patching.

To solve this problem :

1. Set the role_end_date to null in the wf_local_user_roles.
The sql used will depend on the responsibility missing. For example for the System Administrator responsibility, type in the following:

UPDATE wf_local_user_roles
 SET role_end_date = NULL

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Our company runs Oracle E Business Suite 11.5.9 and 11.5.10, mostly application and database server running 24×7 to support production. We have own development team to enhance our applications regarding the user needs. And sometime our development team needs to refresh development server with current data and applications from production server. But we don’t have enough time to cloning applications and database if we have to shut it down first. To solve this problem, we have a solution to “On-line” cloning application and database from production into development. Some of these steps can be found on Note: 230672.1. Continue reading »

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