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In This Challenge, We have a Linux 32bit Server (RHEL 4) with 8GB Memory. But we can’t configure the database memory (SGA+PGA) more than 4GB.  To solve this problem then we could configure Very Large Memory (VLM) and Big SGA for Oracle RDBMS with ramfs and Hugepages.

Complete the following procedure to configure VLM on the computer:

1. Log in as a root user:

2. Edit the /etc/rc.local file and add the following entries to it to configure the computer to mount ramfs over the /dev/shm directory, whenever you start the computer: Continue reading »


In this article, I will share how to migration Oracle 10g DB From Linux 32bit to Linux 64bit. since both Linux 32bit and Linux 64bit have same Endian format, then at this time we only change the word size.
In the source environment :
- OS : Redhat AS 4.5 32bit
- DB : Oracle Database SE

In the destination environment :
- OS : Redhat AP 5.3 64bit
- DB : Oracle Database SE Continue reading »

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