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In SQL Server, every transaction (Insert, Delete, Update, etc) will put in Transaction Log File. This file need for recovery. That’s why, before we purge transaction log, we should doing Full Backup of the database first.

  • Check the Free Space of the vCenter Server

Check Free Space

  • Login to vCenter’s SQL Server :

  • Do FULL BACKUP before Purge Transaction Log.

o   Right Click on the database name, Task –> Backup:


o   On the Source, choose the Database Name, and choose Backup Type = Full.

Put the backup destination file name, on the Destination.

Backup Form

  • After Full Backup done, change the Recovery Model of the database from Full to Simple. In Full recovery model, all transaction will keep in transaction log. In Simple recovery model, no transaction log keep in transaction log, that why we can recover the transaction that happened after we did a Full Backup. After Purge Transaction Log, don’t forget to change the recovery model back to Full model.

o    Change the recovery model from FULL to SIMPLE :

Simple Recovery Model

o    Purge Transaction Log using : right click on the database name : Tasks –> Shrink –> Files

Shrink File

o    Choose File, File Name

Shrink Action : choose “Release Unused Space”

Shrink Log File

o    After shrink done, Don’t Forget to bring back Recovery Model from SIMPLE to FULL.

  • Check the Free Space after Shrink.

Free Space after Shrink

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