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In Oracle DB World, sometime we need an interface to connect From Oracle DB to MySQL DB. Oracle have Heterogenous Service ODBC to help us to do this task. In this posting, I am using Linux Redhat, Oracle DB 10g and MySQL 4. Let’s play :

Part I: Setting up the ODBC driver
1. copy file mysql-connector-odbc-3.51.12-1.i586.rpm to Oracle DB server

2. install odbc for mysql.

rpm -i mysql-connector-odbc-3.51.12-1.i586.rpm

3. Edit the file /etc/odbc.ini
Add the Data Source of MySQL DB that we want to connect. I create data source named “trans”.

[ODBC Data Sources]
mysql = MyODBC 3.51 Driver DSN

Driver = /usr/lib/
Description = mysql connection to test
PORT = 3306
USER = root
Password = password
Database = Transaksi_DB

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In this posting, we will learn how to create Filesystem on IBM AIX. If we have a cluster system, then we need to create the same filesystem definition in all servers that used in cluster system. For this reason, we only exportvg in a server and import it to another servers.
0. Scan your new LUN/Disk

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In this posting, we learn how to reset Admin’s Password in Oracle Application Express (APEX).

1. Collect the information of the FLOWS% schema

$ sqlplus '/as sysdba'
SQL> select username,password,account_status from dba_users
2 where username like 'FLOW%';
----------------   ------------------   ----------------
FLOWS_020200       569054L59C7186CB     LOCKED
FLOWS_030000       240C2BE199B3DB1F     LOCKED
FLOWS_010600       EDEA2EV8EEE12B6F     LOCKED

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