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First, there are something that we need to know why Oracle Recommend to using SUN JRE/Java Plug-In (JPI) rather than Oracle Jinitiator in the future.

1- Current Oracle Jinitator built using SUN JDK 1.3.1, SUN already completed end of life process for version 1.3.1 and no plan to evolve Jinitiator into a JDK 1.4 or latest release.

2- Jinitiator is NOT supported for use on MS Vista or newer operating systems.

3- Jinitiator will NOT be supported for use with Forms releases newer than

4- Oracle Forms version 11.x (a.k.a. Fusion Middleware 11g) does not support any JRE version older than Sun 1.5.0_06.

Actually, the reason no 2 is the main reason why we need to move to SUN JRE/JPI.

The environment that I used in this article :

- OS : Redhat AP 64bit

- Forms :

- SUN JRE : 1.6.0_17, I rename the file into j2se1617.exe and save it into folder $ORACLE_HOME/jre

The steps to move Oracle Jinitator to SUN JRE are:

1. Backup file $ORACLE_HOME/forms/server/formsweb.cfg and $ORACLE_HOME/forms/server/forms.cfg.

2. Open $ORACLE_HOME/forms/server/formsweb.cfg, edit the parameter :


NOTE : for complete clsid you can check



3. To assure the SUN JRE that will be used in the configuration, change the value :

4. At the steps #2, we already mention where we can download jre files (http://hostname:port/forms/jre/j2se1617.exe). So we need to make an alias for jre folder in $ORACLE_HOME/forms/server/forms.cfg
AliasMatch ^/forms/jre/(..*) “/oraapp/forms/jre/$1″

5. Reload the configuration, so you don’t need restart the Application at all.
opmnctl reload

6. Now, the new user will access the applications using SUN JRE.

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