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When we did a cloning/recover the database with noarchivelog mode, we got the problem that some datafile need to be recover. It will be difficulty since no archivelog that can help us to recover it. Otherwise we can copy all datafiles from offline backup of the source database. But it will takes time to copy/ftp/restore especially if the database size are hundreds GB or even TB. But there is a solution to recover the database with noarchivelog mode, please check this out : 
When we did a cloning, startup nomount :           

$ sqlplus '/as sysdba' 
SQL*Plus: Release - Production on Tue Apr 13 13:54:43 2010 
Copyright (c) 1982, 2007, Oracle. All Rights Reserved. 
Connected to an idle instance. 
SQL> startup nomount pfile=initMYDB.ora
ORACLE instance started. 
Total System Global Area 5251268608 bytes
Fixed Size 2091368 bytes
Variable Size 1040189080 bytes
Database Buffers 4194304000 bytes
Redo Buffers 14684160 bytes 

First, there are something that we need to know why Oracle Recommend to using SUN JRE/Java Plug-In (JPI) rather than Oracle Jinitiator in the future.

1- Current Oracle Jinitator built using SUN JDK 1.3.1, SUN already completed end of life process for version 1.3.1 and no plan to evolve Jinitiator into a JDK 1.4 or latest release.

2- Jinitiator is NOT supported for use on MS Vista or newer operating systems.

3- Jinitiator will NOT be supported for use with Forms releases newer than

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In this article, I will share how to migration Oracle 10g DB From Linux 32bit to Linux 64bit. since both Linux 32bit and Linux 64bit have same Endian format, then at this time we only change the word size.
In the source environment :
- OS : Redhat AS 4.5 32bit
- DB : Oracle Database SE

In the destination environment :
- OS : Redhat AP 5.3 64bit
- DB : Oracle Database SE Continue reading »

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