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If we using Storage Area Network (SAN) with FC,  SAN can do scanning  all connected FC in the SAN Switch. From SAN storage we can get the World Wide Name (WWN) of the HBA –each HBA has unique WWN (same as MAC Address in the PC), but if there are many servers connected the FC into the same SAN Switch, might be we can get difficulties which server has particular WWN.

In this topic I only discuss how to know the WWN of the HBA in HP-UX server. Continue reading »


To monitor event in HP-UX server, first we must install and running Event Monitoring Services(EMS). After that we can use monconfig (a utility that allows a superuser to manage hardware event monitor requests for EMS).

In this working note, I will show you the example steps through creating a monitor request and sending any alerts that are greater than or equal to (>=) “Major Warnings” to an EMAIL address Continue reading »


Continue from previous posting.

B. Upgrade the Database of Oracle EBS

1. Check Prerequisites

  • Compatibility

If the database still using original DB (EBS 11.5.9 using Oracle DB 9i) then we need to upgrade it first. Check the compatibility matrix on NOTE: 316889.1, which path that we must take. Minimum Version of the database that can be directly upgraded to Oracle 10g Release 2 -> 10.2.X.X.X or -> 10.2.X.X.X or higher -> 10.2.X.X.X or higher -> 10.2.X.X.X

The following database version will require an indirect upgrade path.

      7.3.3 (or lower) -> 7.3.4 -> 8.1.7 -> -> 10.2.X.X.X
      7.3.4 -> 8.1.7 -> -> 10.2.X.X.X
      8.0.n -> 8.1.7 -> -> 10.2.X.X.X
      8.1.n -> 8.1.7 -> -> 10.2.X.X.X Continue reading »
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