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Sometime we got difficulties to get actual result of the explain plan when we want to see the cost of the query that we made since the number of records in the development server have significant differential with production server. To solve this problem we can transfer the Optimizer Statistics from Production server to Development Server.

Other concern why we need to transfer the Optimizer Statistics, because it will take long time to gather a big schema instead to transfer the Optimizer Statistics.

This is the Step-By-Step to transfering the Optimizer Statistics, Good Luck ;) Continue reading »


Sometime we have frustrated to kill the running Job in Oracle even though we already kill him from OS but the job still running. Using this step could kill your stress, I mean your running Job. Good Luck – ;)

1. Check the running Job (From here you will get the SID that running the Job)


APPLICATION PARTIONING on Oracle E-Business Suite 11i

Not only the database needs to be partitioning to separate the data, we can also partitioning the applications. Why we need partitioning the applications? There are some reason if we talking about this topic, i.e.: Continue reading »

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