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Our company runs Oracle E Business Suite 11.5.9 and 11.5.10, mostly application and database server running 24×7 to support production. We have own development team to enhance our applications regarding the user needs. And sometime our development team needs to refresh development server with current data and applications from production server. But we don’t have enough time to cloning applications and database if we have to shut it down first. To solve this problem, we have a solution to “On-line” cloning application and database from production into development. Some of these steps can be found on Note: 230672.1.

1.       Prepare the Source System

Execute the following commands to prepare the source system for cloning.

    a.       Prepare the source system database tier for cloning

  Log on to the source system as the ORACLE user and run the following commands:

    #  cd <RDBMS ORACLE_HOME>/appsutil/scripts/<CONTEXT_NAME>

    # perl dbTier


b.       Prepare the source system application tier for cloning

Log on to the source system as the APPLMGR user and run the following commands on each node that contains an APPL_TOP:

    # cd <COMMON_TOP>/admin/scripts/<CONTEXT_NAME>

    # perl appsTier


2.       Copy the source system to the target system.

a.       For Application, we can copy it although the applications still using by user. We don’t need to shut down the application tier server processes.

Copy the following application tier directories from the source node to the target application tier node:

·   <APPL_TOP>

·   <OA_HTML>

·   <OA_JAVA>

·   <OA_JRE_TOP>

·   <COMMON_TOP>/util

·   <COMMON_TOP>/clone

·   <COMMON_TOP>/_pages  (when this directory exists)

·   <806 ORACLE_HOME>


b.       For Database, we will do these steps :

·      Copy the database (DBF) files from the source to the target system using Hot Backup, we don’t need to shut the database down :

§      SQL> Alter Database Backup Controlfile to Trace;

(The trace file can be found on user_dump_dest directory, this file used for create control file on the target system).

§      SQL> select sequence# from v$log where status = ‘CURRENT’; (to get the first archive log before hot backup)

§      Alter tablespace Begin Backup

§      Copy the datafiles from source system to the target system

§      Alter tablespace End Backup

§      SQL> select sequence# from v$log where status = ‘CURRENT’; (to get the latest archive log after hot backup)

§      SQL> alter system switch logfile;

§      After that, copy the first and the latest archive log files (that we got from step 1 and 5) from the source system into the target system.

·      Copy the source database ORACLE_HOME to the target system


3.       Configure the Target System

Execute the following commands to configure the target system.  

a.     Configure the target system database server

To configure the database, first we can do as we do clone a database (Note: 224274.1).

After the database open, log on to the target system as the ORACLE user and type the following commands to configure: 

    # cd <RDBMS ORACLE_HOME>/appsutil/clone/bin

    # perl dbTechStack


b.    Configure the target system application tier server nodes

        Log on to the target system as the APPLMGR user and type the following commands:

          # cd <COMMON_TOP>/clone/bin

          # perl appsTier.


And now, our development team no needs waiting for so long to get the scheduled downtime of the production environment, if they need to refresh the development server they can ask DBA anytime.

  18 Responses to “Online Cloning E-Business Suite Without shutdown Apps & DB”

  1. Nice blog and good information. Really I got some good tips from your blog.

    good work

    keep going………

  2. The information and the example about online cloning E-Business suite is really useful for me. Thanks for sharing the information.

  3. Do you have to copy oracle_home directory from source to target on db server.

  4. What patch levels do you have to be for 11.5.9 for this to be successful?

  5. Should your step 2b read “alter tablespace begin backup” not alter tablespace offline if you donlt want downtime?

  6. Hi,
    Thanks for the Correction : Alter Tablespace Begin Backup — Copy the Datafiles — Alter Tablespace End Backup.



  7. Hi,
    There is no any requirement patch level for do Online Cloning EBS.



  8. Hi,
    If needed yes, but if you already have Oracle_Home directory with the same version on the target, so you don’t need to copy it.



  9. Will this work for multi node to single node?

  10. Online cloning could be do in all possibility cloning. From Multi Node to Single Node, Multi Node-Multi Node, Single Node – Multi Node, Single Node-Single Node.

  11. How is possible that you don’t need to shutdown the application tier before copying those files?

  12. Hi Amy,
    It is possible to copy all Applications Tier since it consists of executable files, output files and log files. For executable file, as long as the target platform same as the source platform we don’t need to worry the executable file will not run on the target.
    If we consider the output file and log file of the request should be same as the source system, then when process cloning, concurrent request should not run.

  13. Dear sir,
    Please, how to perform cloning on windows plateform without shutdown database and application …

    your reply shall be very appriciated

    Thanks in advance

  14. actually, I never did in windows environment for cloning EBS windows. But if you read my article, it should be the same. For cloning database in Windows, you can do hot backup. for cloning application, since the applications is binary data, it will not impact to the running programs. you just copy it to another server.
    Sorry can’t help you much, might be anyone can help Hussain?

  15. Hi Amy,

    I use rapiclone for cloning E-Business. I usually no problems fro cloning DBTiers.
    BUt i, APPSTier, i have this errror:

    Exception in thread “main” java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError:
    Registration failed

    I search in Metalink, but no note for this errror.

    your reply shall be very appriciated

  16. Hi,
    Would you sent me the all log, so I can see it completely. please sent to



  17. Hi Fah,

    Really a good article,
    I have a few questions related these.

    1). How can we perform Initial Clone (1st) to Dev Server Online (Any prerequisites/etc for both DB/APPS)
    2). can i use Previous day RMAN Backup to clone the database Server only, if there is no change on APPS Tier.
    3). Is this process of Cloning as above works fine with R12 APPS Tier.


  18. Hi Aamer,
    Please see my answer below :
    1). you can run the steps in the article, for 1st, 2nd and so on
    2). Yes you can, but should running the 3rd step “Configure the Target System”. cause this step will change the information of clone system (SID,PORT, TNSNAMES, NODES, etc) in the database.
    3). unfortunately I didn’t know the environment in R12, but if the cloning steps same (, as 11i, then you can make it ;) .

    For sure you did a cloning at the first time successfully, please unplug your LAN cable from your server. Do it in your server directly. I can’t give you warranty it would be succeed in your environment.

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